Grade A Asshole

Grade_A_Banner_FinalHere’s an unedited sneak peek just for you!

“You think you’re so fucking special, don’t you Ms. Wilde?” His breath is on my ear and his lips are hovering dangerously close. My chin is forced upward as he grabs it. The sheer anger in his eyes should frighten me, but it doesn’t. This man has the power to break me, but something inside tells me he won’t. Something tells me Parker Grant isn’t the complete asshole he appears to be. Then again I’ve been wrong about a lot of things lately.

“Maybe I am special,” I counter.

Doesn’t every woman like to think so?

“You’re not.”

The words come out in an hushed growl. In a heartbeat, Parker is leaning down to nip at my neck. His thick tongue slides across my skin as he takes a moment to taste me.

“Maybe you’re intimated by an intelligent woman.”

I drag my lip between my teeth to suppress the moan building inside me. There’s no way I’m letting him know he has an affect on me. Fuck that.

“I’ve met plenty of women like you.”

He glances down my body and then back to me face.

My cheeks burn in anger. “You’ve never met anyone like me, Asshole.”

“I bet you think your pussy’s special too.”

He’s taunting me. This is just another test he’s hoping I fail.

“That, you’ll never find out.”

“But you want me to, don’t you brat? You want my tongue licking your pussy like dessert.”

For a brief moment, I swear I can almost see a smile on his face. But this asshole never smiles so it has to be my imagination.

“I don’t fuck old men.”

“No, you just let them fuck you,” he says, sliding his hand up my skirt.

His touch isn’t gentle.

Part of me doesn’t want it to be. A large part of me. My breath hitches as Parker pushes me against the door to my apartment. God, I hope Vickie isn’t here. For once, it would be nice if my roommate decided to spend the night out instead of studying for her Nursing classes. Parker groans as his erection presses into my thigh. I can feel every inch of it throbbing against me. And there’s a lot of inches.

“I’m sure you’re used to little boys who couldn’t fuck you correctly if there life depended on it.”

I laugh at his arrogance.

He’s right. It doesn’t matter how much I want him to be wrong. I step back from his grasp and roll my eyes in exaggeration.

“Does that mean you’re you ready to show me how it’s done? Are you ready to teach me a new lesson, professor?”

The words drop with sarcasm as I taunt him. The only lesson I’ll be learning tonight is how to get men like Parker Grant out of my system. Several seconds of silence pass between us as our eyes lock on one another. I begin to turn to open my apartment door, but instead find myself being pressed against it, stomach first.

“Lesson one. Don’t talk.”

His hands are pulling down my skirt and unbuckling his belt before I have a chance to reply. In two swift movements, he parts my bare legs and slides his erect cock inside of me. The sensation is so intense I practically scream as he angles himself deeper inside me. Parker doesn’t wait for my body to grow accustom to him. He presses on, only thrusting harder at the sound of my gasps. His hand wraps around my throat, forcing me to turn and kiss him.

Like us, our heated kiss is messy. Imperfect and yet undeniably incredible.

“I guess I’m not too old to fuck you senseless,” he groans.

The Filthy Fairy Tales

Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, but I’m glad to be back at it again. I have some exciting news! My three books Filthy Beast, Filthy Prince and Filthy Kiss now have new covers. And they’re gorgeous. Seriously, just look at them. *Lick*

BeFunky Collage

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting Filthy Prince, so I’m happy to tell you that I’m working on releasing it next month (May)! Filthy Kiss will soon follow in July.

Before you ask me, yes, I do have plans to release several other books this year (including the final volume of Drawn to You). I won’t be announcing any dates for those until next month. So definitely keep an eye on my social media pages or of course on here.

That’s it for now.


#AmWriting – Protecting Her Curves (SNIPPET)

This story came to me one day and I’ve been having a lot of fun writing it. It’s not one I planned, but sometimes those are the best kind. Protecting Her Curves is a Romantic Suspense with lots of humor, and it features a M/F/M relationship. 😉

As I previously mentioned, I probably won’t be publishing for the new several months but I am definitely still writing. And I’m still very happy to share with you all what I’m working on.

Below is an unedited snippet. I hope you enjoy it.


Standing in my Care Bear underwear and Scooby Doo t-shirt is not what I had in mind when I was hoping to find myself half naked in front of my hot as sin next-door-neighbor, Erik Matthews. Not one bit. Six feet of muscle answers the door wearing nothing but a pair of low cut boxer briefs with the brand Calvin Klein stitched at the top. My gaze fixes on his V cut and the light trail of hair that leads to the tip of his underwear. Damn. Any lower, and I’m pretty sure I’m about to get a Magic Mike preview of Erik’s dick. I’d be lying if I said it was the only thing distracting about my neighbor. But probably the biggest.

“Well damn,” Erik whistles. “I was wondering what was under all those baggy shirts and jeans, but I certainly wasn’t expecting this.”

My cheeks flame as Erik quirks his eyebrow at the sight of my underwear. He traces the dip of my shirt with his gaze, slowly taking in the sight of me. I swallow hard as my cheeks flame. Trying to distract myself is pointless, so I focus in on his inked arm. Three massive skulls sit intertwined with two crimson roses. The colorful tattoo covers one side of his arm in bright hues of orange and red. It’s a stark contrast to his dark skin and jet-black hair.

“Um, can I use your cell to call the apartment manager?” I ask, tearing my gaze from him and covering the front of myself.

By the sight of Erik’s amused smile, I know there’s no use hiding. He can see everything, especially the parts of me that jiggle a little too much. To my surprise, it doesn’t seem to bother him. I never pegged Erik to be the type of guy who likes curvy girls.

“Faster! Yes! Yes! Fuck me!”

The sound of a woman moaning fills the air between us. Oh shit. I’m not even sure what’s going on inside his appointment, but the pleasurable sound that echoes through the air fills me with envy. And something else too.

A loud thud vibrates against the wall followed by a deep throaty roar. I’m pretty sure someone else is over. A sheepish grin appears on Erik’s face as he checks over his shoulder. It doesn’t take long for the throes of passion to stop after one VERY loud orgasm. Almost seconds later, I hear heavy footsteps and the sound of a husky voice calling out over Erik’s shoulder.

“What’s going on man?”

My eyes are treated to the sight of a tall hunk in a white dress shirt that doesn’t hang nearly long enough. Don’t look. Don’t look. But I do.

I clench at the brief sighting of his cock. Fuck me. I’m. In. Trouble.

“Hi, can I help you,” the voice asks with irritation.

Bright baby blues stare at me as Erik leans back against the doorframe and makes room for his friend. The stranger’s eyes remind me of rain clouds hovering over the ocean. He’s gorgeous. And by the unimpressed expression on his face, he already knows it. Cocky. His body language screams over confidence. I force my eyes back to Erik, but it doesn’t help. His wicked grin only makes it harder to avoid the sight of his friend. The stranger’s white dress shirt stops just above his thigh, revealing just enough. My imagination is already spinning out of control. I almost choke at the brief sight of his glistening cock.

“Sorry, Rory, this is my roommate, Connor.”

Wait, he actually knows my name? Erik winks at me and it’s enough to send my panties into a heated mess.

“But you don’t have a roommate,” I blurt.

Perfect, Rory. Now Erik knows that you’re a peeper.

He looks up in surprise as the realization slowly hits him. The sexy dimple in his right cheek deepens. The damn thing is distracting, but so is the piercing on his lower lip. I’ve been imagining what it might feel like pressed up against my clit.

“Can we help you with something,” Connor interrupts.

The intensity of his gaze only seems to increase as the seconds fly by. He’s probably pissed that I interrupted his love fest.

“Uh, yeah. I was wondering if I could borrow your phone to call the apartment manager. I locked myself out.”

“Do you do that often?” Connor asks with a blank stare.

Something in his tone sets something off inside of me. Damn, I know I interrupted him but he really doesn’t need to be such a dick. Plus, if he was so busy why the hell did he stop to answer the door. It’s like he was looking for an excuse to get away from the one inside.

“Easy C, stop being an ass. She’s our neighbor.”

“It’s fine. I’ll just knock on Ms. Traeger’s door.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

I stop mid-turn to look up at Erik. His face splits into a grin. Ms. Traeger is gone for the month. Her grandson is babysitting her apartment while she’s on vacation.”

“Maybe he’s hot,” I say, giving Connor a poignant look.

“He’s not,” Connor says with a smirk.

A blaze of heat hits me sending a flush to my cheeks. What an arrogant prick. He probably thinks he’s the hottest shit ever made.

“Damn, you’ve got a temper don’t you,” Erik chuckles.

“Maybe I don’t like assholes.”

Before I have the opportunity to slip away, Connor pulls me toward him. The electricity that shoots through his fingertips and up my skin is enough to light up the whole goddamn city. He let’s me go just as quickly as he grabs me.

Fuck. What was that?

“You shouldn’t be in the hallway looking like that,” he mutters.

“Excuse me?”

“Come inside and I’ll get you my cell,” Erik says, breaking up the tension between us. “It’s in my room.”

I stare at both of them like they’ve grown horns. Go inside the apartment? For the past several months, I’ve been dreaming about this opportunity. Several nights I’ve rubbed one out just thinking about what it would be like to be one of the girls Erik brings home.

Is this my opening? Easy girl. He’s just offering you his cellphone. Not his dick.

Something New.

Over Christmas, I started working on a new serial within the Millionaire’s Row Series. It’s called Addicted to You. I’m really excited about this story because I’m tackling alcoholism, sexual shaming, and forgiveness.

My main character, Carol, is someone that I’ve grown to love. When I first wrote her into existence I had no intention of giving her her own story. I just wanted her to be Rebecca’s ballsy best friend, but I eventually realized that was a mistake. An alpha female like Carol could only have one heck of a story and I needed to write it.

So that’s what I’m up to.

I’m not sure how long it’s going to take me to finish. Maybe a month. Maybe two. Maybe three. Time will tell. One thing is for certain, I’m writing this one for me. 🙂 In the end, if you guys love it then FANTASTIC. If you hate it, well it was for me anyway. 😉

When I wrote Bound to You, I wrote it for myself and you guys loved it. Trust me to write another compelling story.



P.S. If things work out this month, I plan on publishing the final PART of Bound to You. ❤

Mexico, here I come.



In a few days, I will be leaving to Mexico for my sister’s wedding. The stress is on! I have SO many things to get done within the next few days. I do want you to know that I will be unavailable starting today through December 15th.

I’m hoping to release the final part of Bound to You before I leave for my trip (I leave in three days), so here’s hoping that everything works out. *Fingers crossed*. If for some reason it doesn’t happen, the final volume will not be released until I return on December 15th. I want to apologize in advance if this happens. I’m not sure how my wifi connection will be over in Mexico or if I’ll have much time to do business. It’s my first time being a Matron of Honor and I think I’ve definitely underestimated how stressful (although wonderful) this position is. LOL.

As a side note, I do want to thank those of you who have read the Bound to You series and who’ve stuck with me since the beginning. You guys are amazing! Thank you for being so patient. Really, thank you! I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me say this, but I’m still new at this being an author business. While I’ve learned SO much in the past year, I still going through my growing pains. While this process has been a bit of a learning curve for me, I can promise that 2016 is going to be a lot better. And a lot more structured.

I do hope that I can continue to write stories you guys enjoy. ❤ Thank you for taking a chance on me. ❤

P.S. I do want to repeat that this is Nicholas & Rebecca’s final volume. After PART 2, I will be moving on to new characters. As sad as that is, I’m also happy. They’re in a good place in their lives and that’s all I could ever really ask for. 

Deleted Scene From Drawn to You

Below is a deleted scene that didn’t quite make it into Drawn to You. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 *Please note, this deleted scene is unedited.

Close-up of young sexy couple in ecstasy


I kick the door behind me closed and pull her toward me. Her petite frame meshes between the bathroom wall and me. A streak of desire hits me as a low moan erupts from her candy colored lips. Emily’s long lashes flicker up toward me in surprise. She wasn’t expecting this.

“What are you doing, Tristan? What do you want?”

“I plan on kissing you.”

“What?” she says, trying to escape my hold.

I step closer, corning her in the bathroom.

“Stop me, if you want.”

A look of uncertainty crosses her face as she looks up at me. I’ve been telling myself that I shouldn’t feel this way, but to hell with it all. The only good thing in my life beside my art is her. A wave of relief washes over me after several seconds of silence.

“Tell me not to touch you and I’ll leave,” I say, lifting her chin with my thumb.

“I hate you.”

The words come tumbling forth from her mouth like knives. The anger in them penetrates my skin, but what cuts me deeper is the hurt behind them. I never wanted to hurt Emily. I would do anything for her forgiveness.

“That isn’t what I asked,” I say.

“You’re bipolar. I can’t figure out where you want to hate me or fuck me.”


Emily pulls away from me as she heads for the door. I quickly block her path, unsatisfied with her refusal to answer.

“Are you afraid, pet?”

“I’m afraid of how you make me feel,” she admits.

“You scare me too, sweetheart.”

My words seem to strike a chord inside her. I feel Emily’s delicate fingers frantically tugging at the bottom of my shirt. There’s a need that vibrates through her fingertips as she touches me. My cock hardens at the warm sensation of her fingers sliding down to the top of my pants. It isn’t long before I feel her palms sliding up my stomach and then around my neck.

Emily isn’t tall enough to kiss me, but it doesn’t deter her from trying. My hands find her hips before quickly lifting her onto the bathroom sink. I hear the sound of items tumbling to the ground, but I don’t care. Her lips collide with mine as her fingers unzip my jeans. A gasp escapes her as my cock springs out. The cool breeze that circulates the bathroom only ceases to make each graze of her skin more delicious.

Emily giggles as I kick my pants to the side and pull her forward. Despite the demure look on her face, she pulls up her skirt without any hesitation. Emily’s clothes come flying off within a matter of seconds. The sight of her naked skin enamors me. Her nipples pucker as they sit exposed to the cool air. I take one into my mouth, teasing it with the edge of my teeth. I could never get used to the way her body responds to mine. It’s an unexpected gift. I bite harder and it only increases the heat I feel growing between her legs.

“Tristan,” she moans.

“Are you ready for me?” I ask, rubbing my cock at her entrance. As her hips buck into me, I know I can only tease us both so long before I unravel in front of her.

“Please,” she begs.

“Tell me you’re mine.”

I slide my lips across her chest and up the side of her shoulder.

“I’m yours.”

Her body vibrates beneath my hold. The need to claim her as mine takes hold of me as my mind swims through the emotions gathering inside me.

“I need you from behind. I want you to watch me fuck you,” I tell her.

Emily takes my hand as she steps off of the counter. She turns toward the mirror and I catch her looking at herself with a critical gaze. I’ve always been amazed at how women can so easily tear themselves down when there’s so much beauty to behold.

“You don’t see you as I do,” I say, pushing her forward. “You’re a goddess.”

Her expression softens as she looks up at me with questioning eyes.

“You don’t have to say anything. Your body tells me everything,” I say, kissing her shoulder.

“Now, bend forward and spread your legs.”

She does as I ask, without further hesitation. The view of her wetness is enough to make me explode, but I have too many things I need to do to her before I finish. I run my hands down her back and down her ass. Her hips move into my touch as I work my way down her skin to get the blood flowing.

I grab her hairbrush off the floor and examine the material. It’s the perfect size. She looks up at me through the mirror and our eyes connect. A mixture of emotions passes through me as her curious gaze transfixes me. I’m willing to bet that no one but me has ever spanked her. I lift the brush and gently tap her bottom. A small sigh escapes her lips as I tap her harder the next time. The harder I tap, the heavier her breathing gets and the more I want to drive her back to my studio to play with.

Her eyes never leave me.

“Are you having fun, pet?”

Her lips never move, but I know she’s smiling.

“Answer me,” I command.



“Should I continue with the brush, or would you like my hand?”

“Your hand.”

I cup her pussy letting my fingers slip inside her. I’ve been dying to feel her beneath my fingers once again.

“Like this?” I taunt.


“That didn’t sound like any word I know,” I tease. “Now, put your hands behind you.”

Teaser for Bound to You: Volume 4

Here’s a teaser from Bound to You: Volume 4!

*Please note all teasers are unedited & subject to change.


Firm hands fumble with the zipper of my cocktail dress as they help me slip out of the red Parisian fabric that hugs tightly around my curves. I wait with anticipation as Nicholas slides my dress over my hips, letting it fall around me. His fingers loop beneath the strap of my nude laced bra as he unclasps the back and then tugs each strap off with purpose. Nicholas kneels running his lips across my waist. I bite back a moan as he kisses my inner thigh. My fingers thread through his blonde mane as he runs his tongue over the fabric that shields the slit of my sex. Firm teeth bite the top of my panties as he slides them off with his mouth. Stopping once to tease me with his lips.

“So beautiful,” he says.

I gasp as he takes my sex into his mouth. His grip tightens as he slides his tongue darts in and out of me and then slowly slides his tongue across my clit. Warmth fills me as he takes me into his mouth and sucks. He’s unrelenting even as I scream in pleasure. My breath grows ragged as the sensation scorches my skin filling me with an all-consuming desire.

“I love to see your cheeks flush.”

I laugh. “Keep touching me like that you’re going to see more than just my cheeks flush.”

“Oh don’t worry, baby. I’m going to make you cum in my mouth and wrapped around me.”

Nicholas silently pushes me back against the satin bed behind me. He slowly loosens the tie around his neck and then flings it across the room. My sex tightens as primal gaze washes over me. Anticipation builds as he slowly begins to undress taking an article of clothing off one by one. It isn’t until Nicholas is standing in just his boxers that I swallow the lump of desire building in my throat. Fuck. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want his cock inside me. It’s all I’ve been thinking about. Twice we almost had sex while getting lost in Paris trying to find our way to The Louvre.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think you were staring at my cock.”

I laugh. Somehow, he always manages to make me feel like we’re meeting for the first time all over again. My stomach fills with butterflies as a sexy slow grin appears across his face. Goddamn, this man is beautiful. I’ve managed to convince myself that he must be crazy to want to be with me. I never thought I would fall in love with a playboy heir to a billion dollar publishing company, but here I am. Here we are. Living in a Parisian hotel, drinking champagne every night, and visiting sites I’ve only ever dreamt of.

Nicholas’s mouth collides against my sex again sending all other thoughts flying out the window. He captures my clit in his mouth and nibbles on it. He takes his time lapping up the wetness that grows between the slit of my sex.

My fingers grasp for him as he wedges my legs open sending a streak of desire running up my thighs. A low growl escapes his lips as he plunges two fingers inside of me. I gasp for air and my skin flushes with heat at his touch. His assault begins at a torturously slow pace but quickly builds to a needy dance.

“Say it, baby,” he commands.

A gasp escapes me as his fingers plunge in and out of me. His touch leaves me feverish for more.

“Nick, fuck me.”

I’m alive and…still writing.

Hey lovelies,

I have two upcoming releases! Drawn to You: Volume 3 is going to be release VERY soon. I know you all have been waiting on that one, so thank you so much for your patience! Really, thank you! I’m so glad you guys are enjoying Drawn to You as much or even more than Bound to You. No, I’m not posting a release date for it, so please make sure you sign up for my newsletter so you get an email when it goes live. Yup, I’m keeping it a surprise. I will blast the links via Facebook, Twitter, and my blog as well. 😉

Bound to You: Volume 4 (Nicholas & Rebecca’s wedding story will be released in August, not July like I originally intended). I have a BIG signing that I’m going to at the end of this month and I really under estimated how much time and energy it was going to take to prepare for it. Unfortunately, that cut time out of my rewrites for this volume. It also didn’t help that I needed more time for Drawn to You: Volume 3.

Being a writer and an author has been a big learning curve for me, so I hope you guys forgive me for the delay. I’m definitely not perfect, but I hope the quality of the story outweighs the time people have to wait for them.

After the final volume of Drawn to You  &  Bound to You, I will be taking a break from the Millionaire’s Row Series to work on a full-length novel titled Hollywood Beauty. If you’re a fan of curvy heroines and sexy, but mysterious billionaires then I think you’ll like this one! 🙂 It’s set in Southern California. Pieces of it are set in Hollywood, but a lot of it is set at a mansion in Palm Desert, California. I’ve been plotting out this story for a while now and I’m very anxious to dive in and finish it. It’s set to release in October.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the synopsis:

I am not your characteristic Hollywood beauty. I’ve been a big girl all my life. My family has never let me forget it and Hollywood hasn’t either.
He is not the typical Hollywood heartthrob. Most actors would kill to have his success, but the envy ends there.
Declan Ravencraft is broken…scarred. And according to Hollywood—damaged goods.
I shouldn’t feel sorry for him. His words push me over the edge. His persistence drives me insane. He’s rude, mean, and not anyone I could imagine liking.
And yet, the impossible is happening.
I’m falling, and the question I keep asking myself is—how can someone so beautiful be so ugly inside?

Lastly, the final serial for the Millionaire’s Row Series is called Addicted to You. This story features PR socialite Carol Livingston. She’s Rebecca Gellar’s best friend and many of you met her in Bound to You. Carol is a force to be reckoned with so I think you guys will enjoy reading about the tattooed hunk she falls for. I’m hoping to finish this one in December 2015 and that’s all I can tell you for now. ❤

If you’re interested in getting updates on my work(s) in progress, be sure to follow my Facebook page and my blog. And thank you for being a fan! You guys make writing even more fun.



Summer Lovin’ Reader Party & Giveaway

Hey lovelies,

On June 13th, I will be attending one of my first signings!  The signing is called the Summer Lovin’ Reader Party and it’s being hosted at the South Coast Winery Resort & Spa in Temecula, California.  You can purchase your tickets here: Let’s Party!

The thought of going to any signing is really exciting to me, but I’m especially excited about this one because it’s a chance to get to know fans on a different level. To be honest, that’s something I think a lot about when I sign up to do signings. It’s amazing to know that you touch people’s lives, but I think it would be even more amazing to get to know those same people.

I hope to see some of you guys at The Summer Lovin’ Reader Party. It’s going to be amazing! There’s going to be food, wine, books, and dancing. Basically, we get to party with readers. 😀
I can’t think of a better way to do a signing.
In celebration of the upcoming signing, I’m going to giveaway a $5 Amazon Gift Card! To enter, leave a comment below telling me what would be one thing you would like to ask me in person. I’ll pick a winner on May 26, 2015.

Don’t forget to enter the BIG Summer Lovin’ Reader Party giveaway below! The giveaway starts 5/19/15. There are some really awesome prizes:

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