Happy Release Day: Bound to You: Volume 3

Hello lovelies, Happy Release Day! Yay! I’m getting a lot of when will Bound to You: Volume 3 be up? I don’t have a firm answer. It can take anywhere between 12 hours or more. I uploaded it late last night (PST). It is coming! The date hasn’t changed. It just might take a whileContinue reading “Happy Release Day: Bound to You: Volume 3”

Release Date for Volume 3 Changed to August 16th

Hello my lovely readers, I just wanted to update you all that the release date for Bound to You: Volume 3 is being pushed back to August 16th. I know it sucks major monkey balls, but I had to push it back because I recently lost some of my work. Unfortunately, I had to rewriteContinue reading “Release Date for Volume 3 Changed to August 16th”

Why I’m Okay With Making You Wait…

I am not a cruel person. I do not enjoy making people wait for my stories but with that said, I am okay with it. In this digital age, many of us want instant gratification. We want to be able to read the next book or see the next movie/TV show the second, minute, hour,Continue reading “Why I’m Okay With Making You Wait…”

Hey you….yeah you. ;)

Hi fellow readers, In preparation for the release of Volume 2, I’ve decided to do a promotion on Amazon for Volume 1. It will be free from 6/5 – 6/6. If you haven’t read volume 1, be sure to pick it up before it goes back to being 99c. It goes back up on Saturday!  TheContinue reading “Hey you….yeah you. ;)”

Announcement: Release Date for Bound to You: Volume 2

Hey my lovely readers, I’m excited to announce that the second volume of Bound to You will release June 6th! Yay! I hope you guys love it. I also would like to say a BIG thank you to those of you who’ve reached out to me. I have amazing readers. Thank you for all yourContinue reading “Announcement: Release Date for Bound to You: Volume 2”

Do you know what day it is?

In celebration of my upcoming release, I am hosting a giveaway for three e-copies of Bound to You. You can help me spread the word by sharing with your friends and family. Arrogant, brooding, domineering, possessive, dangerously handsome, and a playboy. These are all of the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar’s Run-Like-Hell list for men, butContinue reading “Do you know what day it is?”

My First 5 Star Review…Amazeballs!

I received my first 5 STAR review for Bound to You: Volume 1! Here’s what Karol said, ” How do I describe Bound To You ? Absolutely and utterly Fanfreakintastic …. How do I describe Nicholas StoneHaven absolutely and utterly every women Wet fantasy … With looks that makes every woman melt in a puddle ofContinue reading “My First 5 Star Review…Amazeballs!”

Because I’m Happy! *Cue Pharrell Williams*

Hello lovelies, So if you haven’t heard already, Bound to You (Volume One) is being released May 5th! It’s been edited by the lovely CJ Pinard who is really amazing! I’m so grateful that she was able to work with me kinda sorta last minute and still provide fantastic work. Currently, I am having a close friend read volumeContinue reading “Because I’m Happy! *Cue Pharrell Williams*”