Grade A Asshole

Here’s an unedited sneak peek just for you!

“You think you’re so fucking special, don’t you Ms. Wilde?” His breath is on my ear and his lips are hovering dangerously close. My chin is forced upward as he grabs it. The sheer anger in his eyes should frighten me, but it doesn’t. This man has the power to break me, but something inside tells me he won’t. Something tells me Parker Grant isn’t the complete asshole he appears to be. Then again I’ve been wrong about a lot of things lately.

“Maybe I am special,” I counter.

Doesn’t every woman like to think so?

“You’re not.”

The words come out in an hushed growl. In a heartbeat, Parker is leaning down to nip at my neck. His thick tongue slides across my skin as he takes a moment to taste me.

“Maybe you’re intimated by an intelligent woman.”

I drag my lip between my teeth to suppress the moan building inside me. There’s no way I’m letting him know he has an affect on me. Fuck that.

“I’ve met plenty of women like you.”

He glances down my body and then back to me face.

My cheeks burn in anger. “You’ve never met anyone like me, Asshole.”

“I bet you think your pussy’s special too.”

He’s taunting me. This is just another test he’s hoping I fail.

“That, you’ll never find out.”

“But you want me to, don’t you brat? You want my tongue licking your pussy like dessert.”

For a brief moment, I swear I can almost see a smile on his face. But this asshole never smiles so it has to be my imagination.

“I don’t fuck old men.”

“No, you just let them fuck you,” he says, sliding his hand up my skirt.

His touch isn’t gentle.

Part of me doesn’t want it to be. A large part of me. My breath hitches as Parker pushes me against the door to my apartment. God, I hope Vickie isn’t here. For once, it would be nice if my roommate decided to spend the night out instead of studying for her Nursing classes. Parker groans as his erection presses into my thigh. I can feel every inch of it throbbing against me. And there’s a lot of inches.

“I’m sure you’re used to little boys who couldn’t fuck you correctly if there life depended on it.”

I laugh at his arrogance.

He’s right. It doesn’t matter how much I want him to be wrong. I step back from his grasp and roll my eyes in exaggeration.

“Does that mean you’re you ready to show me how it’s done? Are you ready to teach me a new lesson, professor?”

The words drop with sarcasm as I taunt him. The only lesson I’ll be learning tonight is how to get men like Parker Grant out of my system. Several seconds of silence pass between us as our eyes lock on one another. I begin to turn to open my apartment door, but instead find myself being pressed against it, stomach first.

“Lesson one. Don’t talk.”

His hands are pulling down my skirt and unbuckling his belt before I have a chance to reply. In two swift movements, he parts my bare legs and slides his erect cock inside of me. The sensation is so intense I practically scream as he angles himself deeper inside me. Parker doesn’t wait for my body to grow accustom to him. He presses on, only thrusting harder at the sound of my gasps. His hand wraps around my throat, forcing me to turn and kiss him.

Like us, our heated kiss is messy. Imperfect and yet undeniably incredible.

“I guess I’m not too old to fuck you senseless,” he groans.

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