Nicholas & Rebecca After Ever After *Scene*

Once in a while, I still feel like writing about Nicholas & Rebecca. So when I do, I’ll be sure to post those snippets here. 🙂 This is just for me. Just for fun. Just for you.

Please note this is an unedited snippet.


Small hands yank on my apron as I finish placing a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven. I look down to find Alexa waiting for me with a familiar set of blue eyes and an endearing toothy grin. A crown of red curls adorn her head, giving her an almost angelic appearance.

I say almost because earlier I found her covered in chocolate from raiding the kitchen pantry. She has a sweet tooth just like me.

“Momma, when will daddy be home?” she says, tugging on me.

My heart warms at the excitement in her voice. She has zero patience today, but I don’t blame her. Nicholas has been gone for almost a week in California. In two weeks, Knight Publishing will be opening a second office in Los Angeles. My hometown.

“Soon, baby.”

The words are barely out of my mouth when the kitchen door swings open to reveal Nicholas standing there. Speak of the devil. My center instantly heats at the sight of his tousled blond mane, rugged facial hair, and his beautiful blue eyes that seem to rake me up and down like a sex-starved man. How long has he been home?


Alexa practically squeals as she runs over to Nick and throws herself at him. He drops his hands just in time to catch Alexa before swinging her up into his arms. My chest squeezes as he brushes kisses against her curls without ever taking his eyes off of me.

“Hey sweet pea, I missed you,” he says. “Both of you.”

His eyes dance with mischief as he openly stares at my tits. There’s something predatory about that look.

“Did you bring me a present?” Alexa asks with her toothy grin.

Nicholas briefly pulls his attention back to our daughter.

“I got you something right here,” Nicholas says, tapping on his briefcase. “But first, I think we should play a game of hide and seek.”

I bite back a laugh as Nicholas flashes me a sexy grin. He puts our daughter down and then drops his brief case on the kitchen counter. Alexa claps her hands as he whispers instructions to her. She’s all too excited to play. The thing she doesn’t know is that her daddy does this to bide him time. Time that he spends reminding me exactly how much he loves me.

“Okay sweet pea, go hide and then mommy will try to find you.”

“Okay,” she says clapping her hands, before running out the kitchen door.

My heart begins to beat chaotically as Nicholas steps forward counting down as he throws off his dress jacket.


The sounds of feet tapping against the marble echoes as Nicholas begins his count.


His belt comes off in one pull.


His hands grab me, unzipping the back of my dress.


Nicholas doesn’t get past three before he’s shoving me in the kitchen pantry and pulling off my panties.

“Leave the apron,” he chuckles as I begin to untie it. “I love the housewife look.”

“Don’t get used to it,” I tease. “Grad school starts next week.”

Nicholas leans in to kiss me as he rubs circular motions at the nape of my neck.

“Think I can make you come in seven…six seconds?”

“It wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t try,” I tease.

“God, I missed you.”

The words come out in a husky groan before he buries his tongue inside my mouth. Nicholas doesn’t waste any time. In a heartbeat, he shoves his dress pants down and presses inside of me, lifting my body so my legs are wrapped around his hips. I struggle to hold onto the shelving behind me as he rocks into me.

I laugh between kisses as the whole damn shelf rattles with each delicious thrust. Nicholas grins as a macaroni elbow comes flying down and lands perfectly on my naked tits.

“Thanks babe. Dinner & dessert,” he chuckles.

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