My First 5 Star Review…Amazeballs!

I received my first 5 STAR review for Bound to You: Volume 1!

Here’s what Karol said, ” How do I describe Bound To You ? Absolutely and utterly Fanfreakintastic …. How do I describe Nicholas StoneHaven absolutely and utterly every women Wet fantasy … With looks that makes every woman melt in a puddle of lust , a personality that makes you wanna please him in every way …. Is no wonder Rebecca has a hard time saying no to him …. But no she most say , because even if they both feel the undeniable current of lust , He is forbidden . 
After getting her heart broken by her cheating ex fiancé Rebecca Gellar leaves her hometown in Los Angeles flying to New York for a Job interview at the very famous and prestigious StoneHaven Publishing . Never mind that she is deadly afraid of flying and just her luck the airplane is going thru a bad storm , her purse goes flying directly in to first class and lands by the most handsome man she has ever seen … And with the airplane shaking thru the turbulence she ends up landing on his lap, and that is how their first encounter and kiss happen . I’m just going to tell you that each encounter gets steamier, hotter, it will leave you panting . 
Bound to You is well written ,hot ,romantic it makes your heart sings , I love how the Author lets us read the book from Nicholas and Rebecca’s point of view it makes it complete balance knowing what each of them is feeling . I am glad to have been giving the privilege to read the ARC of this book , I devoured it in one sitting could not put it down and was very sad that I now have to wait for volume two when , volume one has not even been release … I’m crying in the inside really, waiting is going to suck . That is how great Bound To You really is ! Author Vanessa Booke you got me truly hooked , my hat off to you ! ;)”

If you haven’t put Bound to You: Volume 1 on your TBR list, do it now. 😉


For those of you who don’t know, I am having a release day celebration on Facebook on May 5th! Come join the fun.

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